The Geology and Landscape of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Simon Camm

The Geology & Landscape of Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly coverThe spec­tac­u­lar scenery of Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly is the res­ult of some 400 mil­lion years of geo­lo­gical his­tory. Rock types range from sed­i­ment­ary mud and sand­stones to igneous ones of gran­ite and those of vol­canic ori­gin. Local geo­logy can be seen in pebbles on the beach, and in towns, vil­lages and coun­tryside in build­ings and hedges. The coast and moors exhibit some of the most dra­matic rock expos­ures, many of them Sites of Spe­cial Sci­entific Interest. This book describes and explains the best sites, and gives a gal­lery of rock types that may be encountered in Cornwall.

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Simon Camm spent much of his youth walk­ing the cliffs of Corn­wall. Later, as a geo­lo­gist, min­eral explor­a­tion man­ager and con­sult­ant in Europe, Asia, the Far East and Africa, he saw geo­logy from the ‘inside’, in under­ground mines and drill core. He was Hon­or­ary Research Fel­low of the Cam­borne School of Mines, Uni­ver­sity of Exeter, and Vis­it­ing Fel­low in Min­ing Geo­logy, Uni­ver­sity of Green­wich. He is a Fel­low of the Geo­lo­gical Soci­ety of Lon­don, and author of Cornish Rocks and Min­er­als (Alison Hodge), Gold in the Counties of Corn­wall and Devon, and co-​​author and author of numer­ous sci­entific papers.

The Geo­logy and Land­scape of Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • About this Book
  • Geo­logy
  • Gal­lery of Rock Types
  • Selec­ted Geo­lo­gical Expos­ures
    1 Isles of Scilly
    2 Land’s End: Porth Chapel to Hayle
    3 South Coast: Marazion to Porth­leven
    4 The Liz­ard: Polur­rian to Men-​​aver Beach
    5 Carn­me­nel­lis: Cam­borne to Hel­ston
    6 North Coast: Godrevy to Per­ran­porth
    7 North Coast: Newquay to Tre­b­eth­er­ick
    8 North Coast: Delabole to Bude
    9 Fal­mouth: Carnon Downs to Nare Head
    10 St Aus­tell: Indian Queens to Fowey
    11 King­sand
    12 Bod­min Moor: Camelford to Minions
  • Gloss­ary
  • Index and Loc­a­tion of Sites

ISBN: 9780906720837
1st edi­tion
120 pages
293 col­our pho­to­graphs, 2 maps, 1 dia­gram
150 x 153 mm

Rich his­tory in a rich land­scape – explore the county through the pocket book series’ (Tav­is­tock Times Gaz­ette, 26.05.11)

When you are next out walk­ing on the Isles of Scilly or in Corn­wall, slip this book into your pocket and you will look at the scenery in a new light.’  (West­ern Morn­ing News, 31.05.11)

explores the 400 mil­lion years of rock form­a­tion that under­pin Cornwall’s unique char­ac­ter… superbly illus­trated… takes time to explain to the lay­man all the ins and outs of what happened to cre­ate this mineral-​​rich pen­in­sula, and where you can see it for your­self.
’And there is a handy gloss­ary to explain the more obscure sci­entific min­eral ter­min­o­logy.’ (This is Corn­wall, 02.06.11)

Camm’s friendly and down-​​to-​​earth way of present­ing the geo­logy of our county in this book makes what is usu­ally a very com­plex sub­ject, much easier to under­stand. … he points out the dif­fer­ent fea­tures of the land­scape and explains the sci­entific reas­ons behind these appear­ances.’ (Corn­wall Today, June 2011)

Yet another little gem in the “Pocket Corn­wall” series. … a wel­come intro­duc­tion… a won­der­ful “expos­ure”, beau­ti­fully illus­trated as always in this series, and a credit to all con­cerned.
’The author is extremely well qual­i­fied in his field, and we are most for­tu­nate that he has the skills to con­vey that know­ledge to the rest of us.’ (Old Corn­wall, XIV, no.5, Autumn 2011)

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