Exploring the Fowey Valley

Paul Lightfoot

Exploring the Fowey Valley coverFrom its source in the marshes of Bod­min Moor, the River Fowey fol­lows a wind­ing course for 40 kilo­metres, south­wards through the Draynes Val­ley, over Golitha Falls, west through the Glynn Val­ley, then south­wards again to its estu­ary and the town that bears its name. This book fol­lows the course of the river and its trib­u­tar­ies, and explores the valley’s beau­ti­ful land­scapes and rich his­tory from Bronze Age set­tle­ments and tin stream­ing on the moors to early medi­eval castles and churches, mil­it­ary cam­paigns of the civil war, the min­ing, industry and com­merce of the nine­teenth cen­tury, some of the county’s strongest lit­er­ary asso­ci­ations, and the leis­ure and recre­ation activ­it­ies of the mod­ern era.

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Dr Paul Lightfoot is a nat­ive of Corn­wall with a PhD in Geo­graphy and a long­stand­ing interest in the coun­tryside, local his­tory, lit­er­at­ure and pho­to­graphy. He is the author of Explor­ing South East Corn­wall, and has pub­lished a num­ber of art­icles on top­ics related to Corn­wall and pho­to­graphy. His land­scape pho­to­graphs sell in local gal­ler­ies and have been pub­lished in the regional and local press.

Explor­ing the Fowey Val­ley is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Maps of the Fowey Valley
  • The Upper Reaches of the River Fowey
  • The River Loveny
  • The War­leg­gan River
  • Cardin­ham Water
  • The Glynn Valley
  • Respryn to Restormel
  • Lost­with­iel to St Winnow
  • The River Lerryn
  • Golant and Castle Dore
  • Pen­poll Creek
  • Pont Pill
  • Pol­ruan
  • The Town of Fowey
  • The Coast
  • Index

ISBN: 9780906720783
1st edi­tion
88 pages
104 col­our pho­to­graphs, 2 maps
150 x 153 mm

This superb view of Fowey… the walks ven­ture inland to Bod­min Moor’ (Tav­is­tock Times Gaz­ette, 24.03.11). You can read the full review here.

In Explor­ing The Fowey Val­ley… Paul Lightfoot fol­lows the course of the River Fowey and its trib­u­tar­ies from its source in the marshes of Bod­min Moor to its estu­ary and the town that bears its name.…
’Paul Lightfoot is the ideal guide. 
’Paul Lightfoot’s book is a cel­eb­ra­tion of the Fowey Val­ley. It will entice many to explore this “beau­ti­ful and fas­cin­at­ing place” and, no doubt, to fall for its charm.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 05.04.11.) You can read the whole review here.

‘A writer of no little tal­ent, Paul also has a mean eye for a pho­to­graph… the book is an inform­at­ive delight, strewn with gems about the past import­ance of the river and its trib­u­tar­ies’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 07.04.11.) You can read the whole review here.

…all you need to tempt you to explore [the Fowey val­ley] ’…his­tor­ical inform­a­tion, folk­lore, nat­ural his­tory and more – and of course won­der­fully enti­cing pho­to­graphy.’ (Old Corn­wall, XIV, no.5, Autumn 2011)

A guide to the River Fowey… cov­er­ing the region’s his­tory, lit­er­ary asso­ci­ations and modern-​​day leis­ure activ­it­ies.’ (The Coun­try­man, vol. 119, no.4, April 2013)

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