Insects of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly

Steve Jones

Insects of Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly coverThe var­ied land­scapes of Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly are home to many diverse wild­life hab­it­ats. From coastal fringes to moor­land peaks; from rivers and streams to wood­lands and heaths; from farm land to min­ing land­scapes of the past, even our own domestic gar­dens – all of these hab­it­ats sup­port a fas­cin­at­ing array of insects. This book will allow every­one who enjoys explor­ing the coun­tryside to identify the most com­monly encountered spe­cies of insects in Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly, includ­ing but­ter­flies and moths; dragon­flies and dam­sel­flies; grasshop­pers and crick­ets; beetles; bumble­bees; wasps, flies and bugs. It also provides a guide to some of the best sites for see­ing these strik­ing creatures.

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Steve Jones has been fas­cin­ated by insects, par­tic­u­larly dragon­flies, since child­hood. In 1983 he became one of the first mem­bers of the fledgling Brit­ish Dragon­fly Soci­ety, and for over 20 years has been the county recorder for dragon­flies. His illus­tra­tions and pho­to­graphs have appeared in many magazines, includ­ing Brit­ish Wild­life and Corn­wall Today, as well as a num­ber of county dragon­fly guides, and spe­cial­ist journ­als such as Stud­ies on Iberian Dragon­flies. He is an accom­plished pho­to­grapher in this spe­cial­ist field, and an act­ive mem­ber of the Corn­wall Wild­life Trust Pho­to­graphic Group.

Insects of Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Insect-​​watching in the Field
  • About this Book
  • Dragon­flies and Damselflies
  • Grasshop­pers, Crick­ets and Relatives
  • True Bugs
  • But­ter­flies
  • Moths
  • True Flies
  • Bees, Wasps, Ants and Relatives
  • Beetles
  • Aquatic Insects
  • Site Gaz­etteer
  • Gloss­ary
  • Index of Insects
  • Fur­ther Reading
  • Organ­iz­a­tions and Websites

ISBN: 9780906720745
1st edi­tion
104 pages
146 col­our pho­to­graphs
150 x 153 mm

Enga­gingly writ­ten, his infec­tious enthu­si­asm jumps from the pages.

‘Whether you use this book for ref­er­ence, to thumb through from time to time, or to read straight through, it will trans­form your view of these diverse creatures.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 06.07.10. ) You can read the full review here.

Little gem from the Pocket Corn­wall stable’ (Tav­is­tock Times Gaz­ette, 15.07.10)

well-​​illustrated field guide to the most com­monly encoun­terd insect spe­cies in Corn­wall and Scilly, which includes a gaz­etteer to some of the best sites for see­ing these strik­ing creatures.’ (The Coun­try­man, August 2010)

amaz­ing col­our and vari­ety of the examples illus­trated …
‘The author is well-​​qualified in his field, and so this is yet another attract­ive guide to keep handy.’ (Old Corn­wall, Autumn 2010)

Steve Jones is obvi­ously the best per­son to bring us this book… Keep this book in your pocket when explor­ing the coun­tryside’ (Corn­wall Life, Septem­ber 2010)

cov­ers the area spe­cified, and makes it far easier to cor­rectly identify the indis­tinct flut­ter­ers… and their crawl­ing com­pan­ions.
‘… use­ful embel­lish­ments, such as ideal places for spot­ting remark­able spe­ci­mens and a list of organ­iz­a­tions and web­sites for fur­ther invest­ig­a­tion.’ (My Corn­wall, October/​November 2010)

excel­lent pho­to­graphs and a brief intro­duc­tion to insects and insect watch­ing… The Odonata are espe­cially well covered… as are the but­ter­flies’ (Atro­pos, no. 41, Autumn 2010)


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