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A Cornish Year

David Chap­man

A Cornish Year Cover

A Cornish Year cover image


Brown long-​​​​​​​​eared bat

brown long-eared bat photo © David Chapman


dormouse photo © David Chapman


swallow photo © David Chapman

Pentire Point

crops on Pentire Point  photo © David Chapman


pony on Roughtor photo © David Chapman

Har­ris hawk

harris hawk photo © David Chapman

East Looe River

East Looe River photo © David Chapman

Water vole

water vole photo © David Chapman

By the acclaimed author of Wild about Corn­wall, A Cornish Year charts a year in the life of David Chap­man. Writ­ten in diary style, it focuses on the out­doors: on wild­life, pro­jects and prac­tical work, organ­iz­a­tions and groups, and sea­sonal events. If you want to know more about the wild­life that’s spe­cial to Corn­wall; the people who work in con­ser­va­tion in the county; how to get more involved with our nat­ural his­tory… or you would just like to read about the antics of a mad nature-​​lover in Corn­wall, then this book is for you.

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David Chap­man is a trustee of the Corn­wall Wild­life Trust, and is pas­sion­ate about the pro­tec­tion of our wild places. He is a pro­fes­sional pho­to­grapher and writer, and author of Wild about Corn­wall, Pen­with Moods, Explor­ing the Cornish Coast, Birds of Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly, Wild­flowers of Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly, St Ives and St Ives Bay, Inspir­a­tional Islands: The Isles of Scilly, Walk­ing in Pen­with and Pho­to­graph­ing Corn­wall. He is also the pho­to­grapher of Iconic Corn­wall. His work is fea­tured reg­u­larly in magazines, and his pho­to­graphs are stocked by a num­ber of pho­to­graphic lib­rar­ies. David has twice won double awards from the Out­door Writers & Pho­to­graph­ers Guild for Pho­to­graphy and Excel­lence in Writ­ing, and his pho­to­graphs reg­u­larly win competitions.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Janu­ary
  • Feb­ru­ary
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • Septem­ber
  • Octo­ber
  • Decem­ber
  • Appendix
  • Organ­iz­a­tions and Publications
  • Wild­life Inform­a­tion Websites
  • About David Chapman

ISBN: 9780906720677
1st edi­tion
192 pages
276 col­our pho­to­graphs
210 x 148 mm

A pho­to­grapher who has made it his busi­ness to record Cornwall’s nat­ural beauty through the sea­sons … David Chapman’s remark­able pho­to­graphs.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 16.03.10)

splen­did wild­life col­our pho­to­graphs … gives David’s story … a more inter­est­ing per­spect­ive of each shot.’ (Tav­is­tock Times Gaz­ette, 11.03.10)

A Cornish Year, by David Chap­man, is an amus­ing look at his nature activ­it­ies through­out the course of a year.
‘David travels over land and water to cap­ture many rare anim­als and insects on cam­era.’ (BBC Radio Corn­wall, 19.03.10) You can read the full review, look at some of the pho­tos, and listen to an inter­view with the author on Radio Corn­wall.

David Chapman’s wide know­ledge and beau­ti­ful pho­to­graphs of wild­life have many fans, and they will not want to miss out on this book. … the per­fect com­pan­ion to your own Cornish year..’ (Corn­wall Today, May 2010)

his detailed daily account is enchant­ing. Inter­spersed with everything from see­ing a dormouse in the wild to a walk through the woods at Trenant in the hope of spot­ting a roe deer, it is gen­er­ously illus­trated – as one might expect from an award win­ning pho­to­grapher.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 04.05.10) You can read the whole review here.

David takes us on a per­sonal, diary-​​style jour­ney to a range of wild­life events… Illus­trated with stun­ning pho­to­graphs by the author.’ (Wild Corn­wall, August 2010)

When it comes to the wild­life of Corn­wall you could wish for no bet­ter guide than David Chap­man.
‘… the mix­ture of enga­ging text and superb pho­to­graphs cap­tures the over­whelm­ing bounty and beauty of Cornwall’s nat­ural his­tory…
‘… per­fect for any­one who wants to get out and dis­cover Cornwall’s myriad nat­ural won­ders.’ (This Eng­land, Autumn 2010)

his detailed account of his year is enchant­ing. Gen­er­ously illus­trated’ (The Cornish­man, 07.10.10)

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