Cornwall’s Great Houses and Gardens

Barry Gamble

Cornwall's Great Houses and Gardens cover imageCornwall’s great houses and gar­dens col­lect­ively con­trib­ute sub­stan­tially to the dis­tinct­ive char­ac­ter of our rich and diverse his­toric envir­on­ment. They have fas­cin­at­ing stor­ies to tell and, in gen­eral, are now more access­ible to the pub­lic than ever before. This book is a guide to fifty of the most sig­ni­fic­ant prop­er­ties, from Tresco to the Tamar, with stun­ning pho­to­graphs – includ­ing aer­ial views never pre­vi­ously pub­lished – and author­it­at­ive text.

After a career in industry, Barry Gamble entered the spe­cial­ist field of her­it­age inter­pret­a­tion in the 1990s. This takes him all over the world, and he con­tin­ues to work reg­u­larly and extens­ively on a vari­ety of sub­jects in Corn­wall and the Isles of Scilly. He was a mem­ber of the Bid Team for the Corn­wall and West Devon Min­ing Land­scape World Her­it­age Site as prin­cipal author of the nom­in­a­tion to UNESCO’s World Her­it­age List (see Cornish Min­ing World Her­it­age), and is author of the Pocket Corn­wall books Cornish Mines: St Just to Redruth and Cornish Mines: Gwen­nap to the Tamar.

Cornwall’s Great Houses and Gar­dens is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • About this Book
  • Abbey Garden, Tresco
  • Treng­wain­ton
  • Trewid­den
  • St Michael’s Mount
  • Clow­ance
  • Godol­phin
  • Pen­rose Estate
  • Tre­varno
  • Trelowar­ren
  • Bochym Manor
  • Pen­jer­rick
  • Tre­bah
  • Glen­dur­gan
  • Car­win­ion
  • Pen­warne
  • Tregoth­nan
  • Trelis­sick
  • Enys
  • Carclew
  • Burn­coose
  • Scor­rier
  • Tregul­low
  • Pen­greep
  • Trevince
  • Tehidy
  • Kil­liow
  • Tre­withen
  • Trerice
  • Chyver­ton
  • Prideaux Place
  • Caer­hays Castle
  • Heligan
  • Men­a­billy
  • Tre­gre­han
  • Place
  • Bocon­noc
  • Pen­car­row
  • Lan­hyd­rock
  • Glynn House
  • Rosecrad­doc Manor
  • Tre­bartha
  • Wer­ring­ton Park
  • Sandhill
  • Cote­hele
  • Pen­til­lie
  • Catch­french
  • Port Eliot
  • Ince Castle
  • Ant­ony
  • Mount Edgcumbe

ISBN 9780906720790
1st edi­tion

176 pages
137 col­our pho­to­graphs
150 x 153 mm

Barry Gamble takes read­ers of Cornwall’s Great Houses and Gar­dens on a per­sonal tour of some of his favour­ites, illus­trated with… aer­ial shots never before pub­lished which were taken from the open door of a heli­copter, giv­ing majestic vis­tas most of us will never see.’ (Sunday Inde­pend­ent, 16.03.14)

The quiet grandeur of Cornwall’s great houses… They nestle amid wooded glades or by curl­ing rivers and seem as much a part of the Cornish land­scape as quiet cove or stark indus­trial remains. Barry Gamble’s small but fas­cin­at­ing book… has homed in on some of the most sig­ni­fic­ant prop­er­ties’ (Cornish & Devon Post, 24.04.14)

Cornwall’s Great Houses and Gar­dens described and superbly depic­ted by Barry Gamble … Includes many aer­ial views never pre­vi­ously pub­lished.’ (Ever­green, Sum­mer 2014)

Barry Gamble describes his per­sonal selec­tion of the county’s best with pre­ci­sion’ (His­toric Gar­dens News­let­ter, issue 39, July 2014)

the aer­ial per­spect­ive [of the col­our pho­to­graphs] is ideal for show­ing garden lay­out and tree-​​planting schemes.
’In his well-​​written text, the author dis­plays an eru­dite know­ledge of Cornish his­tory and its lead­ing fam­il­ies…
’The text is metic­u­lously edited…’ (His­toric House, Autumn 2014)

a very access­ible and visu­ally attract­ive gaz­etteer of Cornish gar­dens. … a lovely over­view… draws heav­ily on the author’s back­ground in min­ing her­it­age and shows the extent to which we must be thank­ful for Cornwall’s min­ing industry. Without this eco­nomic back­ground many of the houses and gar­dens would not have exis­ted.’ (Corn­wall Gar­dens Trust, Winter News­let­ter 2014)

crack­ing little guide… sound descript­ive inform­a­tion and back­ground his­tor­ies of these noted build­ings and estates and their asso­ci­ated fam­il­ies… the sig­ni­fic­ance of their plant col­lec­tions and land­scap­ing… the abund­ance of full-​​colour pho­tos through­out… make it a very appeal­ing read… a pleas­ure to own and refer to.’ (Old Corn­wall, Vol XIV, no. 12, Spring 2015)

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