Exploring South East Cornwall

Paul Lightfoot

Exploring South East Cornwall cover imageFrom St Ger­mans, through Ant­ony, Mount Edgcumbe, King­sand and Cawsand to the Rame Pen­in­sula; along the coast to Portwrinkle, Seaton, Looe, Tall­and Bay, Polp­erro and Lantic Bay, with diver­sions inland to Hessen­ford, the val­leys of the East and West Looe rivers, the aban­doned mines of Caradon and the old stan­nary town of Liskeard, Paul Lightfoot takes us to a ‘for­got­ten corner’ of Corn­wall. South East Corn­wall encom­passes four nature reserves; two Areas of Out­stand­ing Nat­ural Beauty, three Sites of Spe­cial Sci­entific Interest, and part of the World Her­it­age Site of the Corn­wall and West Devon Min­ing Land­scape. It includes archae­olo­gical sites; coun­try churches; his­toric build­ings, and one of the pret­ti­est branch rail­way lines in the coun­try. There is a vari­ety of beaches, and a stretch of the spec­tac­u­lar Corn­wall Coast Path.

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Dr Paul Lightfoot is a Cornish­man liv­ing in South East Corn­wall. He has a PhD in Geo­graphy and a long­stand­ing interest in the coun­tryside, local his­tory, lit­er­at­ure and pho­to­graphy. He is the author of Explor­ing the Fowey Val­ley, and has pub­lished art­icles on top­ics related to Corn­wall and pho­to­graphy. His land­scape pho­to­graphs sell in local gal­ler­ies and have been pub­lished in the regional and local press.

Explor­ing South East Corn­wall is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Map of South East Cornwall
  • St Ger­mans and the Rame Pen­in­sula
    St Ger­mans and Port Eliot
    Shev­iock, Ant­ony and St John
    Mount Edgcumbe
    King­sand, Cawsand and Rame Head
  • Whit­sand Bay to Looe
  • The Val­ley of the East Looe River
    The Caradon Min­ing Dis­trict
    The Looe Val­ley Railway
  • The Val­ley of the West Looe River
    East and West Looe
  • The Coast from Looe to Lantic Bay
    Lansal­los and Lantic Bay
  • Index

ISBN 9780906720868
1st edi­tion

88 pages
95 col­our pho­to­graphs, 1 map
150 x 153 mm

Many hol­i­day­makers motor down the A30 to the pic­ture post­card des­tin­a­tions in the west. … [they] leave behind them… a “for­got­ten corner” of Corn­wall… ‘Explor­ing South East Corn­wall’ may go some way to redress­ing this tour­ist imbal­ance… there are plenty of delights to go round and author Paul Lightfoot homes in on many of them in this inform­at­ive little book’ (Tav­is­tock Times Gaz­ette, 09.08.12)

The south-​​eastern part of Corn­wall is some­times thought of as a for­got­ten corner. And yet a little explor­a­tion reveals some of Cornwall’s most beau­ti­ful and fas­cin­at­ing places, many of them off the beaten track.” So writes Dr Paul Lightfoot in his new book, Explor­ing South East Corn­wall… Paul Lightfoot is per­haps the ideal author. In his new book, Lightfoot takes the reader on a leis­urely tour of south east Corn­wall, tak­ing in its var­ied land­scapes, towns, vil­lages and coun­tryside, its estu­ar­ies and sandy and rocky shores. Churches and other his­toric build­ings and the Caradon min­ing dis­trict also come under the spot­light.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 21.08.12) You can read the full review here.


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