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Here are details of some web­sites that we think you may like.

Art and artists

Freya Laughton is a ver­sat­ile artist whose work we love.

Vivien Prideaux is a tex­tile artist with a par­tic­u­lar love of indigo and other nat­ural dyes.

Deborah Prosser makes raw-​​fired earth­en­ware and col­our­ful glazed domestic ware.

Amanda Richard­son is a painter and tex­tile artist. Her work reflects a par­tic­u­lar fas­cin­a­tion with plants as they grow, both in gar­dens and their nat­ive envir­on­ment, and with rock shaped by wind and water.

Kat­rina Trinick Ceram­ics spe­cial­izes in hand­built ceramic sculp­ture for the garden, and water fea­tures. Inspir­a­tion comes from nat­ural forms and ancient carvings of labyrinths and spirals.

Jack Trow­bridge cre­ates let­ter­ing in stone, slate, wood, cop­per and bronze, and jew­ellery in sil­ver and gold.

art­corn­wall is an online journal for art, artists and gal­ler­ies com­piled and edited in Cornwall.


Try Liz Woods’ Feasts and Fest­ivals blog for a year and more of fest­ivals old and new, and the foods and words asso­ci­ated with them.

Find out about some of the finest food pro­du­cers and online sup­pli­ers in Corn­wall at Food from Corn­wall.


Pen­zance is home to Pen­lee House Gal­lery & Museum – the only Cornish pub­lic gal­lery spe­cial­iz­ing in the Newlyn School.

On the edge of the Pen­with moors, in the far west of Corn­wall, is the Yew Tree Gal­lery.


The Mor­rab Lib­rary is a large, inde­pend­ent lib­rary in Pen­zance, foun­ded in 1818. In addi­tion to more than 40,000 volumes, it has 3,000 Napo­leonic mem­or­ab­ilia, and an extens­ive pho­to­graphic col­lec­tion relat­ing to West Cornwall.


For pho­to­graphs of Corn­wall and bey­ond see www​.cris​tofa​.co​.uk.

For pho­to­graphy, video and more… see Kim Laughton. His latest book is Shang­hai Right Now.

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