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Sam Bleakley

Sam Bleakley book launch Sennen photo

Sam Bleakley © Chris­topher Laughton

Sam Bleakley is a writer and pro­fes­sional surfer. He has been a mul­tiple European, Brit­ish and Eng­lish Long­board Surf­ing Cham­pion, and a reg­u­lar com­pet­itor on the Oxbow World Long­board Tour. He has an MA in Geo­graphy from Pem­broke Col­lege, Uni­ver­sity of Cam­bridge. He is author of Surf­ing Bril­liant Corners and Surf­ing Trop­ical Beats, and is widely pub­lished and fea­tured in inter­na­tional magazines, includ­ing Resur­gence, Action Asia and The Surfer’s Path. He has con­trib­uted to numer­ous surf and travel books, and edited The Surf­ing Tribe: A His­tory of Surf­ing in Bri­tain.

You can watch a video of Sam in The Inde­pend­ent, or find out more about him on his web­site. Dis­cover five secret surf spots recom­men­ded by Sam for the Fin­an­cial Times, 14.08.10, and fol­low him on his trips at Surf­EX­PLORE.