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For writers

Do you have an idea for a book?

We wel­come pro­pos­als for new books from authors in our areas of interest. Before sub­mit­ting a manu­script, please send a detailed pro­posal, includ­ing the fol­low­ing information:

  • A short descrip­tion of the pur­pose of your book, and the read­er­ship you are aim­ing at.
  • An out­line, con­sist­ing of the table of con­tents, and an estim­ate of the length of the manu­script when complete.
  • One or two sample chapters.
  • An indic­a­tion of what illus­tra­tions you think will be required.
  • Your qual­i­fic­a­tions for writ­ing the book.
  • A com­par­at­ive mar­ket evaluation.

You can sub­mit your pro­posal by email, or by post. Please do not send com­plete manu­scripts, pho­to­graphs or ori­ginal illus­tra­tions. We will ask for these if we are inter­ested in your idea. If you would like us to return any mater­ial by post, please be sure to include suf­fi­cient stamps. We do not return unso­li­cited mater­ial unless it is pre­paid. While we will take every care of mater­ial sub­mit­ted to us for review, we can­not be held respons­ible for such material.

Please note that we do not pub­lish FICTION, POETRY or CHILDREN’S BOOKS.