The Great Gardens of Cornwall: The People and their Plants

Tim Hub­bard, with a Fore­word by Alan Titch­marsh

The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall rep­res­ents the very best of the huge num­ber of estates and gar­dens open to the pub­lic in Corn­wall. Their diversity is aston­ish­ing: from the castle set­ting of Caer­hays, with its long tra­di­tions of magno­lia and camel­lia propaga­tion dat­ing back to the days of the Vic­tori­an plant hunters, to the cut­ting-edge mod­ern­ism of con­tem­por­ary garden sculp­ture at Tre­men­heere. Also in the group are the extraordin­ary Abbey Garden on Tresco, in the Isles of Scilly; the Medi­ter­ranean jew­el of Lam­or­ran House Gar­dens, and the his­tor­ic Tregoth­nan, as well as fam­ily favour­ites includ­ing The Eden Pro­ject, Tre­bah, The Lost Gar­dens of Heligan, and the gar­dens of the Nation­al Trust.

The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall: The People and their Plants cel­eb­rates twenty-five years of The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall: nine­teen excel­lent Cornish gar­dens, their own­ers and head garden­ers who, over the years, have loved and ten­ded them and made them today’s great gar­dens. It was form­ally launched by Alan Titch­marsh at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall web­site has more inform­a­tion.

Tim Hub­bard has lived and gardened in Corn­wall since 1977. He was a BBC radio presenter for some twenty-five years, host­ing news and cur­rent affairs pro­grammes, for which he won sev­er­al major awards. He also presen­ted and pro­duced arts and garden­ing fea­tures, doc­u­ment­ar­ies and out­side broad­casts.

In 2002, Tim developed a unique part­ner­ship between the BBC and the Roy­al Hor­ti­cul­tur­al Soci­ety, part of which involved build­ing a prize-win­ning show garden at the Hamp­ton Court Palace Flower Show. He now works as a freel­ance presenter at the Chel­ten­ham Lit­er­at­ure Fest­iv­al, the Corn­wall Spring Flower Show and else­where, writes for news­pa­pers and magazines, and voices film and video. His first book, A Year in Corn­wall with Tim Hub­bard, was pub­lished in 2000.

  • Fore­word – Alan Titch­marsh
  • Intro­duc­tion – Charles Wil­li­ams
  • The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall … What do they mean to you?
  • The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall: Loc­a­tions
  • Abbey Garden, Tresco
  • Bonython Estate Gar­dens
  • Caer­hays Castle and Gar­dens
  • The Eden Pro­ject
  • Lam­or­ran House Gar­dens
  • The Lost Gar­dens of Heligan
  • The Nation­al Trust
  • Tre­bah Garden
  • Tregoth­nan
  • Tre­gre­han
  • Tre­men­heere Sculp­ture Gar­dens
  • Trewid­den Garden
  • Tre­withen
  • The Great Gar­dens of Corn­wall: Web­sites
  • Acknow­ledge­ments

1st edi­tion
120 pages
164 col­our pho­tos
1 map

214 x 222 mm

a fas­cin­at­ing volume… Def­in­itely a book for all lov­ers of Cornish gar­dens.’ (The Cornish Garden, no. 60, 2017)

Frank Ruhr­mund heaps praise on a new book cel­eb­rat­ing some of Cornwall’s great gar­dens…’ ‘how grate­ful we should be to the own­ers and man­agers of these nine­teen great gar­dens for tend­ing them so care­fully, and allow­ing us to see and share their glor­ies, and of course, to Tim Hub­bard for telling their story so admir­ably. Gen­er­ously illus­trated, with full col­our pho­to­graphs from vari­ous sources, it is guar­an­teed to delight garden lov­ers every­where.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 04.03.17)

packed with pho­to­graphs, quotes and anec­dotes from some of the hun­dreds of ded­ic­ated garden­ers who’ve worked on Cornwall’s gar­dens over the cen­tur­ies.’ (Corn­wall Liv­ing, Issue 57, March 2017)

With enthu­si­asm and con­sid­er­able empathy for and under­stand­ing of all that goes into the cre­ation of a great garden, [Tim Hub­bard] tells the his­tory of each of these 19 gar­dens … in an affec­tion­ate, appeal­ing, easy-to-read style.’ (The Cornish­man, 09.03.17)

The new 25th anniversary book includes com­ments from some of [the Great Gar­dens’] best-known vis­it­ors, who explain why they love to vis­it them. They include Fern Brit­ton and Rick Stein as well as TV and radio garden­ers Christine Walk­den and Matt Biggs.  Alan Titch­marsh sums up the attrac­tion…’ (Corn­wall Today, April 2017)

Present­ing the county’s best gar­dens.’ (The Garden, May 2017)

This would be a bar­gain at twice the price! A hor­ti­cul­tur­al gem packed with many fine col­our pho­tos, it will appeal to every­one inter­ested not just in garden­ing but also in people, plants, trees and col­our­ful land­scapes in gen­er­al.’ (This Eng­land, Sum­mer 2017)

A well illus­trated, use­ful guide.’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 06.05.16)

With unique per­spect­ives from their own­ers and head garden­ers who’ve ten­ded them over the years, each chapter shines the spot­light on a dif­fer­ent loc­a­tion … with a fas­cin­at­ing take on the his­tory and fea­tures of each loc­a­tion, and beau­ti­ful pho­to­graphs of land­marks and plants’ (Eden Magazine, Spring 2017, Issue 33)

the book exam­ines not only the obvi­ous attrac­tions of the places them­selves, but how they came to be as they are, and espe­cially the people who made them that way … a fas­cin­at­ing story … illus­trat­ing just how it is that Corn­wall makes garden­ers green with envy … excel­lent col­our pho­tos and inform­at­ive text.’ (Old Corn­wall, Vol XV, no. 5, Autumn 2017)