Cornish Feasts and Festivals

Liz Woods, illus­tra­tions by Freya Laughton

Cornish Feasts and Festivals front cover imageUK win­ner of the Gour­mand World Cook­book Awards 2013, for the Best Loc­al Cuisine, Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals com­bines two of Cornwall’s great assets: its lively cul­ture and its strong culin­ary tra­di­tion. Liz Woods travels the county seek­ing out both tra­di­tion­al fest­ivals and recent reviv­als. She then links them ima­gin­at­ively with both clas­sic Cornish dishes and more mod­ern feasts using loc­al ingredi­ents. On the way we get a lively, and some­times idio­syn­crat­ic, look at Cornish his­tory, folk­lore, food and cus­toms. So wheth­er it’s Fal­mouth Oyster Fest­iv­al or Gold­sith­ney Charter Fair, wild herb tart or Pen­zance apple cake, this book will guide you around the county and enable you to cook a Cornish-inspired feast of your own.

Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals describes 30 Cornish fest­ivals, each with quirky illus­tra­tions and an accom­pa­ny­ing recipe, old or new. For each recipe there is a pho­to­graph of the fin­ished dish.

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Liz Woods trained as a law­yer, but spent most of her career as a col­lege lec­turer and man­ager. She came to Corn­wall in the late 1990s. Her interest in his­tory, food and folk­lore inspired her to begin writ­ing her pop­u­lar Feasts and Fest­ivals blog in 2010. Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals builds on the suc­cess of that, and on the resur­gence of interest in loc­al food and cuisine in Corn­wall. Liz’s poetry has been antho­lo­gized by Grey Hen Press.

Freya Laughton is a ver­sat­ile artist, liv­ing and work­ing in west Corn­wall. Her wide range of work includes greet­ings cards, draw­ings and tex­tiles.

Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals is pub­lished in our Pock­et Corn­wall series.

  • Intro­duc­tion
  • Notes for the Cook
  • Twelfth Night… Twelfth Day cake
  • St Hilary’s Day… Whole cauli­flower soup with smoked paprika oil
  • Shrove Tues­day… Pen­zance sea­food pan­cakes
  • Hurl­ing Match at St Columb Major… Heavy cake
  • St Piran’s Day… Cornish pas­ties
  • Good Fri­day… Saf­fron hot cross buns
  • Tre­vith­ick Day in Cam­borne… Spot­ted Dick
  • May Day… Syl­la­bub
  • Pad­stow ’Obby ’Oss… Mus­sels in saf­fron cream
  • Hel­ston Flora Day… Wild herb tart
  • Beat­ing the Par­ish Bounds on Rog­a­tion Day… Eld­er­flower cor­di­al
  • Bugle Band Con­test… Cornish tea bread
  • Golow­an… Sum­mer fruit short­cakes
  • Bod­min Rid­ing… Rid­ing ale cas­ser­ole
  • The Knill Cere­mony at St Ives… Paper ‘pas­ties’ with hake and onions
  • St Endel­lion Music Fest­iv­al… Spiced cher­ries
  • Gold­sith­ney Charter Fair… Cornish fair­ings
  • Tea Treats and Sunday School Out­ings… Cornish cream tea
  • Newlyn Fish Fest­iv­al… Mar­in­ated mack­er­el
  • The Cornish Gorsedd… Cornish under-roast
  • Michael­mas… Extra rich bramble and apple pie
  • Har­vest Time: Cry­ing the Neck… Poppy seed roll
  • Cal­l­ing­ton Honey Fair… Meth­eglyn tart
  • The Nel­son Thanks­giv­ing Ser­vice at Mad­ron… Hedgerow rel­ish
  • Allan­tide – Nos Calan Gwaf… Pen­zance apple cake
  • St Just Feast… Pigeon pie
  • Mon­tol… Spicy parsnip, squash and apple soup with hog’s pud­ding croûtons
  • Tom Bawcock’s Eve… Star gazy pie
  • Nade­lik Lowen… Yule log
  • New Year’s Eve: Was­sail… Hot spiced cider
  • Fur­ther Read­ing
  • Places to Vis­it

ISBN 9780906720875
1st edi­tion

128 pages
30 col­our pho­to­graphs, 31 col­our illus­tra­tions
150 x 153 mm

As always with books in this series, the design is clean and sump­tu­ous, with, in this title, not only the usu­al high stand­ard of pho­to­graphy but also fun illus­tra­tions of fest­iv­al sights by West Corn­wall-based Freya Laughton.
‘A depar­ture from the usu­al more topo­graph­ic­al con­cerns of the Pock­et Corn­wall series so far, the only ques­tion for the bib­li­o­phile is not wheth­er to pur­chase it – but where to shelve it: along­side oth­er Cornish works, or in the kit­chen, so those recipes are near to hand?’ (Cornish Guard­i­an, 25.04.13. You can read the full review here.)

An unusu­al and highly indi­vidual take on our feasts and fest­ivals … recipes for everything from Twelfth Night cake to Tom Bawcock’s Eve star gazy pie, … splen­did pho­to­graphs … quirky, eye-​​catch­ing and very amus­ing illus­tra­tions by Pen­with-​​based artist Freya Laughton … ful­filling in sev­eral dif­fer­ent ways with its slices of Cornish his­tory and folk­lore as well as food … A ban­quet of a book, as delight­ful as it is deli­cious and excel­lent value’ (The Cornish­man, 09.05.13. You can read the full review here.)

Cook­ing up a prop­er feast of Cornish fest­ivals old and new’ (West­ern Morn­ing News, 14.05.13. You can read the full review here.)

The latest title in the series proves a tasty treat… truly cap­tures the fla­vour of the place.’ (Tav­is­tock Times Gaz­ette, 30.05.13)

a pleas­ingly designed book of folk cel­eb­ra­tions and asso­ci­ated recipes tied to par­tic­u­lar places in Corn­wall… the colored pic­tures con­trib­ute to its desirab­il­ity as an object to put on your shelf’ (Per­cept­ive Travel, August 2013)

This lovely little book… a lively look at Cornish his­tory, folk­lore, food and cus­toms … with Freya Laughton’s quirky illus­tra­tions adding to the over­all pic­ture. … Dig into this book and you’ll find some fest­ive treas­ures.’ (myCorn­wall, vol. 2, issue 19, August/​September 2013)

Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals… lov­ers of both will find much to enjoy and digest’ (Ever­green, Autumn 2013)

Anoth­er little gem in the “Pock­et Corn­wall” series, this is a well-pro­duced and very col­our­ful light-hearted pub­lic­a­tion. … an ima­gin­at­ive little book all round.’ (Old Corn­wall, vol. XIV, no. 9, Autumn 2013)

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