John Callahan

John Callahan photo

John Cal­la­han (left) and friend © John Cal­la­han

John Cal­la­han is one of the most widely pub­lished surf­ing pho­to­graph­ers in the world. Raised in Hawaii and based in Singa­pore, he has a BA in Design from the Col­lege of Fine Arts, UCLA in Los Angeles. After work­ing for icon­ic Amer­ic­an magazines Surf­ing and Surfer, John went freel­ance and has pro­duced ground­break­ing pho­to­graph­ic edit­or­i­al pro­jects on unex­plored waters and per­il­ous coasts. He is the pho­to­graph­er for Sam Bleakley’s books Surf­ing Bril­liant Corners and Surf­ing Trop­ic­al Beats.

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