For writers

Do you have an idea for a book?

We welcome proposals for new books from authors in our areas of interest. Before submitting a manuscript, please send a detailed proposal, including the following information:

  • A short description of the purpose of your book, and the readership you are aiming at.
  • An outline, consisting of the table of contents, and an estimate of the length of the manuscript when complete.
  • One or two sample chapters.
  • An indication of what illustrations you think will be required.
  • Your qualifications for writing the book.
  • A comparative market evaluation.

You can submit your proposal by email, or by post. Please do not send complete manuscripts, photographs or original illustrations. We will ask for these if we are interested in your idea. If you would like us to return any material by post, please be sure to include sufficient stamps. We do not return unsolicited material unless it is prepaid. While we will take every care of material submitted to us for review, we cannot be held responsible for such material.

Please note that we DO NOT publish FICTION, POETRY or CHILDREN’S BOOKS.