A Childhood with the Surrealists

Fal­mouth Art Gallery’s exhib­i­tion A Child­hood with the Sur­real­ists opens on Sat­urday 21 Janu­ary, and runs until 3 March.  It fea­tures newly com­mis­sioned works cre­ated in part­ner­ship by con­tem­por­ary Sur­real­ist artists Andrew Lanyon and Ant­ony Pen­rose. Also included are works by Max Ernst, Henry Moore, Roland Pen­rose, Man Ray and Lee Miller.

Art in Cornwall cover image

Michael Bird’s book Art in Corn­wall fea­tures work cre­ated in Corn­wall by many of these artists. It will be pub­lished in our Pock­et Corn­wall series in May.



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