Winter Feasts!

St Hilary's day 1 Shrove Tuesday © Freya Laughton

St Hilary’s Day and Shrove Tues­day – two of Freya Laughton’s delight­ful illus­tra­tions from Liz Woods’ fas­cin­at­ing book, Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals.

In Janu­ary, cauli­flowers are har­ves­ted from Cornish fields. In Feb­ru­ary, cockles are gathered. Liz Woods offers ima­gin­at­ive recipes for cauli­flower soup and sea­food pan­cakes, and a lively look at Cornish his­tory, folk­lore, food and customs.

Cornish Feasts and Fest­ivals is pub­lished in our Pocket Corn­wall series. Our full list of books includes art and pho­to­graphy, bio­graphy, garden­ing, nat­ural his­tory and surfing!